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Children’s Home Of Hope
Children’s Home of Hope

Many Malaysian families go through hardship when cancer hits. Due to a lack of treatment centres around Malaysia, families are forced to travel far from their home to Kuala Lumpur and spend several days or weeks to get treatment from their children. Even then, hospital wards are often full, causing accommodation problems and further financial stress for the family.

Our Children’s Home of Hope provide FREE accommodation for child cancer patients – and their caregivers – from outside of Kuala Lumpur while they undergo treatment at the hospital. 

To ensure their comfort and well-being, we provide:

 Fully Furnished Bedrooms

Fully furnished bedrooms

 Special Room For BMT Patients

Special room for BMT patients

Housekeeping Facilities

Housekeeping facilities

 Counselling Services

Counselling services

 In House Dietary & Nutritional Advice

In house dietary & nutritional advice

Therapeutic Play

Therapeutic Play

 Sponsored Recreational Activities

Sponsored recreational activities

 Support Services For Caregivers

Support services for caregivers



We operate from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm

To find out more about our Children’s Home of Hope,
+603 2698 7300  |

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