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Internship In Health Sciences
Internship In Health Sciences

As part of our service work, we are engaged in delivery of clinical services to the public. Through our clinics both at the Cancer Health Screening Clinic and the Nuclear Medicine Centre, we interact with and serve patients. In addition, through our outreach work, we do health screenings and provide other clinical services all throughout Malaysia at all levels of the community for the past fifty years.

We are delighted to be able to share the wealth of experience with you as well as providing you also with invaluable opportunities to obtain ‘hands-on’ practice with a large, varied group of clients & patients all over Malaysia.

We welcome health science students who would like to intern with us in any of area of health science; although we have a particular emphasis on public health and community nursing as well as radiography.

Interns will be mentored and work alongside senior clinical personnel as they learn the ropes in all aspects of their chosen health science career.

By the end of your stint with us, we, of course, hope to inculcate into you our own special ‘stamp’ of compassionate care and service which is part of our hallmark of clinical service delivery.

If interested in our internships programme or to find out more,
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