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Happiness Hero (Children's Home Of Hope)
Happiness Hero (Children's Home of Hope)

Happiness Heroes bring love and laughter to the children in the Children’s Home of Hope of National Cancer Society Malaysia. They contribute by playing game, interacting and even using their own professional skills to help them.


  • Interact with the children by organising activities, games, storytelling sessions and role play
  • Maintain a clean environment at all times when visiting the Children’s Home of Hope
  • Develop a happy and friendly relationship with the patients and caregivers
  • Use existing professional skills to help the patients and caregiver (e.g. child psychologist, teacher, etc)
  • Happiness Heroes comprise of (but are not limited to) the following:
    • Therapist & Counselor
    • Play group sessions (kids & young adult volunteers)
    • Activity based sessions (storytelling, theatre, messy play, etc)
    • Office ninja (admin)

To find out more about our volunteer programme,
+603-2698 7300 |

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