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Corporate Partnership And Grants
Corporate partnership and grants

In 2015, Malaysia, along with other states of the UN, committed to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which includes reducing the global cancer burden by one-third by 2030.

A goal of this scale requires all sectors to work together. The World Health Organization also reports that every Ringgit invested in the control of cancer brings a return of RM7. Private and corporate partnerships thus not only make good business sense, but are vital in helping us create a sustainable, healthy, and economically-thriving society.

In 2017, through corporate partnership and grants, we were able to: 

Provide Mammogram Screenings To 2,126 Women
Provide mammogram screenings to 2,126 women
Provide Ultrasounds (breast, Abdomen & Prostate) To 1,746 Men And Women
Provide ultrasounds (breast, abdomen & prostate) to 1,746 men and women
Provide Pap Smears To 1,303 Women
Provide pap smears to 1,303 women
Provide HPV Vaccinations To 65 Women
Provide HPV vaccinations to 65 women
Provide health consultations to 974 patients
Achieve 64.9% Success Rate Among 294 Students Who Participated In Our Quit Smoking Programme
Achieve 64.9% success rate among 294 students who participated in our Quit Smoking Programme
Provide accomodation for 116 children and caregivers at our Children's Home of Hope
Provided 1,241 Clinic Patients With Information About Cancer, Resources And Support Services
Provided 1,241 clinic patients with information about cancer, resources and support services
Helped 551 callers via our cancer toll-free helpline
Provide Peer To Peer Counselling To 609 Cancer Patients
Provide peer to peer counselling to 609 cancer patients
Conducted 214 Educational Activities & Programmes Attended By 8,370 People
Conducted 214 educational activities & programmes attended by 8,370 people
Held 390 Wellness Classes Which Was Attended By 2,490 Survivors & Caregivers
Held 390 wellness classes which was attended by 2,490 survivors & caregivers
CSR Partnership Opportunities - Is Your Company Looking To Help?
CSR Partnership Opportunities - Is Your Company looking to help?

Cancer is one of the largest causes of deaths in Malaysia. 1 in 4 Malaysians are likely to get cancer by age 75 while 2 out of 3 of Malaysian cancer patients are detected in late stages. Will you lend a hand?

Our Partners
Our Partners

Our partners are also key strategies for driving community engagement, and supporting the delivery of our programmes and health campaigns, thereby increasing understanding of our work and awareness about cancer.

We would like to give our special thanks to the following corporations for their support and generous contributions to our cause.

The battle against cancer requires many sectors to work together. Apart from complementing the cancer screening programme of the Government, this (free mammogram) programme, by uniting private healthcare, NGOs and corporates, is a great example of such a collaboration.

-Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, Principal Patron of NCSM

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