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Internship In Non-Health Sciences
Internship In Non-Health Sciences

Health encompasses so much more than just medicine; and no where is this more true as in the work we do here at NCSM. Cancer control involves so many sectors non-related to health; such as in the sectors of law, environment, information technology, PR and Comms and a huge number of others as well.

In NCSM, our team works in all these avenues with multiple stakeholders including the government and other professional bodies in their respective areas of expertise; with a particular focus on cancer. As such, we are more than happy to invite those interested in obtaining a different perspective of their non-science vocations i.e. to see how their particular vocation is applied in the context of cancer control.

We welcome interns from a legal, environment, IT, PR & Comms, and really any other background to join us. During your internship, you will get a unique perspective into applying your own particular chosen speciality to the various tasks in cancer control in our intersectoral, integrated approach.

Who knows, we may even convince you to make a ‘special’ career out of it!

If interested in our internships programme or to find out more,
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