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Nuclear Medicine Centre Rates
Nuclear Medicine Centre Rates

Below are the list of rates for the services that we provide at our centre. A patient must provide a referral letter from the hospital and diagnostic history and/or previous results such as x-ray, CT scan, MRI scan (if any).

Bone Scan

A bone scan is an imaging test used to help diagnose problems with your bones. The bone scan at our Nuclear Medicine Centre is used to determine whether cancer has spread to the bones from another area of the body.

Bone scan RM650
Renal DTPA function study

In a nuclear medicine renal DTPa function study scan, images, or pictures, are taken of fluid going into the kidneys through the bloodstream, the filtered wastes from the blood in the kidneys and the flow or drainage of the waste into the bladder through the ureters (that join the kidneys to the bladder).

Renal DTPA function study RM600
Renal DMSA scan

A renal DMSA scan is a radioactive compound (radiopharmaceutical) that when injected into a vein allows images or pictures to be taken of the kidneys.

DMSA enters the kidneys and is concentrated in functioning/normal kidney tissue, giving an indication as to how the kidneys are working. It does not provide information as to the internal structure of the kidneys. The gamma rays emitted from the radioisotope allow images of the kidneys to be taken using gamma cameras.

Renal DMSA Scan RM600
Meckel’s Diverticulum Scan

Meckel’s diverticulum scan is a small abnormality in the small intestine that is present at birth. This abnormality sometimes contains gastric mucosa from the stomach, which can cause local ulcers and bleeding. A Meckel’s scan is a diagnostic imaging procedure that detects the abnormally-located gastric mucosa.

Meckel’s Diverticulum Scan RM400
Thyroid Scan

A thyroid scan is a specialized imaging procedure for examining your thyroid, the gland that controls your metabolism. It’s located in the front part of your neck. Thyroid scan used at Nuclear Medicine Centre works to evaluate the way a patient’s thyroid functions. It will involve small amounts of radioactive material to diagnose the disease.

Thyroid scan RM300

We operate from Monday to Friday
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you will need a referral letter from the hospital.
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