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 Psycho-social Support For Children
Psycho-social support for Children

Psychosocial support is an integral part of the total management of all cancer patients especially for children. Children with cancer should be helped to understand their illness and their response to the illness. At our Kuala Lumpur office, Therapeutic Play sessions are conducted by a certified play therapist. These sessions emphasize on the development of trusting relationship between the therapist and child. The child explores the external and internal world, and discovers his/her own skills and abilities in a non intrusive and judgmental manner. Through play where mediums such as sand, figurines, puppets,musical instruments and art are used, children are able to communicate complex ideas and messages that could be impossible for them to express.

At our Melaka office, we conduct a programme called ‘Weekly Wonder’ where it includes a play therapy and an educational support programme for children with cancer.

Many children with cancer have benefited from either of these programmes as they were able to receive educational, emotional, and recreational support.


Therapeutic Play & Weekly Wonder helps children:
Reduce Or Cope With Stress And Trauma

Reduce or cope with stress and trauma

Improve Ability To Trust

Improve ability to trust

Provide Diversion And Relaxation

Provide diversion and relaxation

Able To Form Healthy Bonds In Relationships

Able to form healthy bonds in relationships

Enhance Creativity And Playfulness

Enhance creativity and playfulness

Learn To Experience And Express Emotions

Learn to experience and express emotions


The counsellors are passionate and ensure that my daughter is caught up with her studies. Even though she missed school, she learned a lot through the Weekly Wonder programme.

Zamry Rasip – Caregiver

We operate from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm.

To find out more,
+603 2798 7300 | (Kuala Lumpur)
+606 292 1231 | (Melaka)

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