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Other Screening Tests
Other Screening Tests

Health screening can help detect problems before the symptoms show.

Screening allows you to prevent certain diseases, or greatly increases your chances of treating them successfully.

Don’t wait till it’s too late.

3D Mammogram (for women aged 40 and above)

A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast that looks for changes that may be signs of breast cancer. We recommend women aged 40 and above to take a mammogram.

3D Mammogram with pap smearRM250
3D Mammogram with ultrasoundRM370


An ultrasound helps doctors look at some breast changes, such as lumps (especially those that can be felt) or changes in women with dense breast tissue. We recommend women below 40 take an ultrasound unless for women who has done their mammograms and has suspicious lump detected.

Ultrasound with clinical breast examinationRM150

Breast biopsy

When other tests show that you might have breast cancer, you will probably need to have a biopsy. Needing a breast biopsy doesn’t necessarily mean you have cancer. During a biopsy, a doctor will remove cells from the suspicious area so that they can be looked at in the lab to see if cancer cells are present.

There are different kinds of breast biopsies. Ask the doctor which type of biopsy you will have and what you can expect during and after the procedure.

Breast biopsy (FNAC)

In this test, a very thin, hollow needle is attached to a syringe to withdraw a small amount of tissue from a suspicious area.

Breast biopsyRM800
Twinrix – Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B vaccineRM 370 for 3 doses
Hepatitis BRM150 for 3 doses
Hepatitis B, booster dose vaccinationRM60 per dose
Hepatitis ARM280 for 2 doses
Abdomen & pelvisRM150
Abdomen and prostateRM150
Dietary consultationRM20
Smoking Cessation (One session with carbon monoxide screening)RM40
Blood Investigations
Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA)RM 40
Hepatitis A & C AntibodyRM110
Gastrointestinal screening – H pylori (stomach test)RM90
Thyroid profile – Free T3, T4 (free thyroxine) with TSHRM80
HIV I & II Antibody 30RM40
Resting ECGRM60
Bone densitometry for osteoporosis (hip & lumbar screening)RM160
Tumour Markers
CEA, AFP, CA19-9, CA125.5 & CA15-3RM50 per tumour marker
On-site Screening Tests
Hepatitis B (Hepatitis B surface Ag)RM15
Hepatitis C (Hepatitis C Antibody)RM15
Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT )RM20

This test is now available at the National Cancer Society Malaysia’s Clinic with results provided immediately to patients

X-ray Services
Bilateral AnkleRM100
Bilateral FootRM100
Bilateral KneeRM120
Lumbar SacralRM150
Cervical SpineRM150
Bilateral Lower LimbRM120
Kidney, Ureter & BladderRM80
Pelvis (One View)RM55
Pelvis Sacral X-rayRM150
Sacroiliac JointRM150
Scapula Y ViewRM100
Skull X-rayRM55
Tibia / FibulaRM55
Hand (Two Views)RM70
Wrist / Hand / Finger /ElbowRM40
Free community screenings

Cancer care reaches beyond the confines of our centres. We work closely together with other associations and corporate partners for us to provide free screenings to the underprivileged communities under our Free Community Outreach Programme.

To find out more about the programme, email us at

Terms and conditions apply.

We operate from Monday to Saturday, 8.30am to 4.30pm
Sunday (Open for group bookings with confirmed appointment)

To make an appointment,
+603 2698 7351 |

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