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Peer Support Groups
Peer Support Groups

Research indicates that peer support groups can provide great healing benefits and assist a cancer patient’s life. The support groups consisting of survivors who have been through it before, can also help you cope by providing a safe place to share your feelings.

To find the group that works best for your needs, gives us a call at +603-2691 7624 or email

The types of support groups that we have at our centre are:

Women cancer support group

The group consisting of women cancer survivors aims to unite survivors and also newly-diagnosed patients in their fight against cancer, and to give hope to fellow survivors. The group was formed on the principle of “By Survivors, For Survivors”, and believes that survivors can best understand the emotional needs and wants of a cancer patient.

Prostate cancer support group

Our male support group consists of prostate cancer survivors. The group was formed to provide an avenue for men to share their thoughts and feelings without judgement and also provide support to other men who are diagnosed with cancer.

Young cancer support group

While cancer is hitting more and more young people, their voices remain unheard and needs unmet. To support this group and future young cancer patients, we set up Young Cancer Survivors Group in 2016.

Lung cancer support group


Caregivers support group


Gynaecological cancer support group


We operate from Monday to Friday
8.30am to 4.30pm

To make an appointment,
+603 2698 7300 | 

If you notice any signs of symptoms that are unusual for you, see your GP to find out why.

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