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About NCSM Melaka
About NCSM Melaka

The NCSM Melaka office was established in 2013 to further expand our educate, care and support services to the southern region. Our office runs clinical psychology services, play-therapy services, peer support groups, patient navigation support programmes for newly diagnosed cancer patients in local hospitals, educational programmes on cancer and treatment as well as community screening for the  underprivileged.

NCSM Melaka actively advocates cancer awareness and provides support to adults and children through our staff and trained volunteers.

Services & Programmes
Services & Programmes
Psychosocial Support - Clinical Psychology service

Our clinical psychology service is focused on providing psychoeducation to the general public and individual support for psychological concerns, such as anxiety, depression, grief, trauma and relationship issues. Our in-house specialist, Charlyn Lee Jia Yun has experience in conducting psychological assessments for both children and adults. Her main therapeutic approaches are person centred and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Depending on the needs of her patients, she also incorporates other approaches such as existential therapy and mindfulness.

To make an appointment for a session with Charlyn, contact 011-6537 2733. (This service is free for cancer survivors & caregivers).

Rate for paid sessions (non-cancer related matters)

Face-to-face consultation RM200 (Initial session); RM150 (subsequent session)
Tele-consultation RM140 (Initial session); RM120 (subsequent session)

Psychosocial Support - Play Therapy service (Weekly Wonder)

Conducted weekly, this programme encompasses play therapy and learning activities specifically developed for children with cancer. Our Weekly Wonder play therapy programme is designed to help children cope with their feelings, develop self-awareness and reduce anxiety. The programme is conducted by our certified play-therapist, Sri Ram Seetha and supported by trained volunteers.

Clinical Support

Through our patient navigation support programme, our trained  volunteers provide holistic support and counselling services to cancer patients, survivors and caregivers at hospitals to aid them through their cancer journey. This service is also extended to survivors and caregivers from other districts and states, where sessions are conducted over the phone or online.

Community Support

Our community support programme reaches far beyond the space of our centre. With the support from healthcare professionals, corporates, social organisations as well as our trained volunteers, we conduct community outreach programmes such as health and awareness talks, workshops to educate men and women on doing self-examinations, as well as free cancer screening for the underprivileged community.

Michaelina Chua

Project Manager

Sri Ram Seetha

Certified Play Therapist

Charlyn Lee Jia Yun

Clinical Psychologist

Vijayalakshimy Silvathorai

Head of Clinical Support

Christabell Isaiah

Head of Community Support

Radah T.C. Thangavelu

Head of Fundraising


Lee Chai Fang

Head of Childhood Cancer Support

Elizabeth Fon Ay Jiun

Head of General Support

Dr Daniel Wong Wai Yan

Co-Chairperson, Relay for Life Melaka

National Cancer Society of Malaysia

+606-292 1231

+606-292 1232


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