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Our stories

Nur Akmar Shuib,
Advanced Breast Cancer Survivor

The very frustrating about my diagnosis was there wasn’t a single symptom to indicate that I was at an initial stage of breast cancer.” – Nur Akmar Shuib, ABC survivor. “I didn’t even experience any pain.”

Before she was diagnosed, Nur Akmar Shuib was just a very happy and healthy mother to ten month old baby and two and a half year old daughter. Then, she felt a lump on her breast and armpit while she was breastfeeding one night.

Her breast screening revealed that she had stage 4 advanced breast cancer. Her immediate action was to get herself the right breast surgeon, an oncologist and as well as a trusted caregiver for her baby.
“I really had to accept the fact that — as a Stage 4 patient — hospitals and necessary medical attentions are never far from my life. It will be a lifelong involvement.”

“But I have great moral and family support from my husband, parents, and family members. My daughters are the ones that keep me going. They were my perfect distraction from thinking about the disease.”
The biggest challenge for Nur Akmar was having to go through an emergency brain surgery when she was recovering.

She is now part of our women support group, PINK UNITY, and her advice to other ABC warriors is: “There is hope no matter how dark the scenario is. Completely trust God and endless prayers. Positive mindset is vital. Stay away from any negativity.”

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