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Step 1: Fill In


Donation Details Form

  • Only donations above RM50.00 will be issued a tax exempt** receipt by National Cancer Society Malaysia.

    For one-time donation, receipt will be sent to you via email on the following month after your donation is made.

    For collated donations received for the year, you will receive your receipt from NCSM via email by the month of February of the following year i.e. receipt for total donation made in 2020 will be emailed to you by February 2021.

    Kindly note that payment confirmation by mobile88 / ipay88 is not a valid tax exempt receipt and should not be used for tax declaration purposes.

    For any inquiry related to donation, kindly contact us at +603-2698 7300 or email and we will get in touch with you immediately.

    ** Income Tax exempted under section 44(6) Income Tax Ordinance 1967
    Reference: LHDN. 01/35/42/51/179.6.1229 Gazette No: 808 dated 9.3.1967

    NCSM respects the privacy of individual with regard to personal data and does not share your data with third party without your consent. Kindly tick the box below if you do not wish to receive any information from us.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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